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When three elderly residents of Bittersweet Hollow stumble across the body of Wendell Moon, shot through the heart in the cemetery behind the First Presbyterian Church, fingers are pointed at several suspects including Harper Reed’s ex-husband, Eli. At one time, Eli had carried on an affair with Wendell’s now widow, Mary, resulting in Harper divorcing Eli while Wendell grudgingly forgave Mary. But in the days leading up to the murder, Eli and Mary are once again an item; Wendell—one of the town’s foremost attorneys—represents a client’s two million dollar lawsuit against Eli; and witnesses overhear Eli threaten to kill Wendell. With motives piling up against him, Harper’s ex disappears and Sheriff Waylon Darcy alleges Eli is guilty and has gone on the lam.

Harper and Eli's son, Lincoln, arrives from Washington for vacation a day before his father disappears and Harper is determined to find Eli and prove to Lincoln that his father is innocent. She suspects Mary has had something to do with Wendell's murder. Not only has Harper caught her former nemesis in several lies, but she's also convinced Mary knows more than she's telling. With her sister, Lonnie, friend Maggie, and co-worker Helen, Harper goes on the hunt to track down Eli and reveal the real killer. As she uncovers clues pointing to California, shadowy relatives, and furtive love affairs, she uncovers one more murder suspect. Unfortunately, this one is handsome, sexy and as attracted to her as she is to him.

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What happens when Bittersweet Hollow’s biggest realtor and meanest gossip
uncovers a heap of very dirty laundry in town and threatens to spread it around?
Someone closes her mouth permanently with a little blunt force trauma to the head
and it turns out there are plenty of suspects for Harper Reed and her sister, Lonnie Carmichael,
to sort through while they search for the killer...before Harper becomes the next victim.

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A fishing trip down the Big Bittersweet River can be several things:
fun, relaxing, entertaining…even fatal if someone has it out for you.
If only the body on the riverbank could talk, Harper Reed might not have
found herself playing with such deadly bait.

Available at Amazon in paperback and E-book

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It’s our pleasure to take you with us through the pages of our books while we hunt for clues, search for suspects, and put the finger on the guilty parties who live, love and alas, murder in The Hollow. We invite you to stop by and get to know our little town and meet a few of the neighbors...while they're still alive.

A Little Film Noir

Because there's a little bad in every good little girl.

“Poor unfortunate girl.”
“She was a tramp.”
“She was a human being. Let me remind you that even the most unworthy of us has a right to life and the pursuit of happiness.”
“From what I hear she pursued it in all directions.”

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