The Active Mind of a Writer

So everyone knows that in order to write one must have a good active imagination. I mean you have to be able to people a whole story with fictional characters. Characters born of your active mind. What people don’t know is our dirty little secret. (If I tell, you have to promise to never let another soul know I said anything.) Writers can find more ways to postpone actual writing than the Colonel has nuggets.

I know because I have used every one of them this past week: check a bank balance, surf for information you may need one day, do a load of laundry, clean the kitchen, fold the load of laundry and my favorite, take a nap.

Still, I have managed to get a lot of work done. Several thousand words actually. And Rae and I are making progress on getting through our second book edit. Still a lot of wasted hours doing little or nothing. I’m getting old enough I sure don’t need to waste any time at all.

So, I should either blog more or write more. Right now I want to get back to the world of make-believe.

Later Annie

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So It’s Time To Blog

This space is headed “What’s On Your Mind”. Wow. That leaves it wide open.

Had a call this morning canceling the boy’s ortho appointments today. Patty had to take the time off work so orthodontist can give HER his consult. No regard for the hours she has to miss work and the cut to her paycheck. I have taken the boys to this office for two years now for their check-ups, but I can’t sign them in to see the God powerful Orthodontist.

Yes, we have the signed letter allowing me to take the boys in for work. I do this for the MD for check-ups and to the dentists—but this is the ORTHODONTIST. The dentists will talk to me, this jerk won’t and I guess that has hurt my vanity, pride, self-importance. Not to mention Patty’s paycheck.

So everyone, be aware that in a future book I am going to kill an orthodontist!!! I want to do it slowly, painfully and with lots of blood.
So much for venting this morning.

Rae and I are almost done with our second book. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal in and of itself, but it has taken us many moons and a couple of scrapped starts to get to this place.

Have another blog brewing in the back of my mind and will be here again in a couple of days.


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