Stream of Consciousness; or Running off at the Mouth

Just got back from the grocery store. They open at seven for “old people”. Patty had gotten me some masks and to be honest I didn’t take one with me and felt out of place without one. I guess old people (with the exception of me) can follow rules, orders, guidelines, whatever. And, I said the other day I thought the one way aisles were a good thing and then I noticed I was going to wrong way in an aisle today. My excuse is that I have not been out of the house in two weeks. Oh, I’ve been outside but not OUT. Funny how there is a difference.

I noticed that the butter (well, vegetable oil spread) I usually use was not on the shelf. There have been several things that I normally get that have been out of stock lately. That is unusual in this land of plenty. We are so use to full grocery store shelves that seeing one or two pretty empty is a little disconcerting. I can see where the urge to buy more than you need is there. What if we come back next week and there isn’t any bread, butter milk or tp at all. Oh, I forgot,there was NO tp at all for weeks.

This brings me to two things. Have you had someone else shop for you? Someone say who hasn’t done a lot of it. Well, one of the grandsons, Brandon, went with his older brother and did good. He got sale items that weren’t on the list but we can use them and they were on sale! Made me proud. Of course the older one, Nick, used his phone to snap of pic of the soap I wanted. No need for pen and paper in this day and age.

And number two. Speaking of shortages and empty shelves, I remember my grandmother saying during WWII she found some meat in the store and was so thrilled. It wasn’t until she got home she realized it was horse meat.

So to recap; I got out of the house. Did my own shopping, which is good because of the substitutions and had a good memory about my Grandmother. Great day so far is it is only 9:00 in the morning.

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