Roads and Woods

And that’s about all of Frost I can think of right now. By mutual agreement, Rae and I have agreed to shelve the Bittersweet Hollow stuff for a while and try others things. She is looking at blogs and places to publish short stories. Of course, my mind is just a wasps nest of ideas and things I have started and never gotten very far with. And yet again work is interfering with my time at the computer. Well, work and procrastination.

I have something witchy that I started to work on and think I am going down that particular road. For a little while at least. I get bits and prices of it now and then. Usually when I am in the shower and then can’t get out fast enough to get it written down.

Guess I should get on with my assorted endeavors for today and see what I can come up with. As ever, Annie

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