Status or What Do We Call Ourselves & Does It Matter? 

I friended a woman the other day who did accept my request and I went to her facebook page to check her out. I will admit this is something I probably should have done before I asked her to be friends, but then I have been known to do things ass-backward.

There I found a link to career Helpful? Oh my yes! Professional? Yes again. It sounds as if it would really good to be one. But it got me thinking about being a career author.

I fear I am not.

I am not if being a career author means you make enough money writing books to pay the bills. After all, that is the goal of any career, is it not?

I am not if finding a reason to step away from the computer for an hour or an afternoon or a day when you couldn’t do that in any other career job makes me less of a career author. (Yes, I am fully aware that the first step to writing is to put the butt in the chair and just do it. And no, I seldom suffer from writer’s block.  In fact, I have more ideas jumping around in my head than I will ever get down on paper. I just step away now and again.)

I am not if education has anything to do with being a career author. No degrees in English Lit or journalism here. In fact, I’ve barely made it through an English class in my life. If it weren’t for my sister heaven alone knows what my work would look like. Well, my sister and Grammarly.

Anyway. Moving on to the What Do We Call Ourselves part. I write books. I have a need to write. I have a compulsion and a desire. I can call myself a writer. Not because I’ve ever had anything published but because I write.  In fact, there are some days I am able to sit in my PJs all day and just write. If that constitutes a career I am all for it. I wish I had known about that earlier.

And Does It Matter. At this point in my life, I like myself enough to take whatever I am and accept it. I write and I am still learning. Can not say enough good things about The 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing.  And I am going to closely watch and learn all I can. But I am still just a writer, part-time and sometimes self-published and often in PJs.

As Always,     Annie

P.S. I do urge anyone interested to check out It looks like it’s full of good ideas and great points and helpful articles. And I absolutely love The 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing.  I have read some books that were terrible but until I read T12FFOFW I didn’t know why they were so bad. Or what I was doing wrong in my own writing and more importantly how to (hopefully) correct it.

And everyone must check out the webpage Candi has been working on this past week. It is fantastic.  Maybe I should have mentioned that first?


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