The Art of Deep Thinking

No one would ever accuse me of being a deep thinker. I do not know if I am even capable of very deep thought. The deepest I ever think is in planning a murder and Rae helps me with that.

I do, however, often procrastinate. My question is this: If I put writing off and do not think about it is that procrastination? Or by not thinking about it am I letting those creative juices simmer? I mean if I still think about what I’m writing then I’m not really putting it off, am I? I know there are times when you have to take a step back and let your brain rest. Is “letting my brain rest”a euphemism for procrastination? And if so, is procrastination a bad thing?

Okay, what’s gotten me to this sorry place you may ask. Or you may not give a hoot. Either way, I’m going to tell you.  I thought I had a novella almost finished. I knew what I was going to follow it with, a second book that would tie up some loose ends. Loose ends? Hell, I had a cliffhanger. I have been dragging my feet in the process of re-reading trying to catch typos and such when it hit me last night. I need to finish this in its entirety. No cliffs, no hanging, no second book, just a nice clean finish. Was my procrastination my mind telling me this book was not done when I thought it was?

Rae and I are venturing into Bittersweet Hollow again. At this point, we both feel good about it. We will see how we feel by chapter five. Five is usually the magic number for us when we either go ahead or scrap what we have and start over. We have taken pains this time to avoid the starting over business and I hope we have managed to get the outline right and can just forge ahead.  Deep thinking about murder.

Still waiting for warm, or warmer, weather and get depressed every time I look out the window and see snow.  Bittersweet Hollow is now at the end of June and we are looking forward to the 4th, on paper at least.  Yet another reason to write.  Everyone take care and stay warm and I’ll catch you later,


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