The Perils Of Reading

I read once the only thing better than reading a book was writing one. The problem, for me anyway, arises when I try reading books while writing one. I allow another’s POV and feelings to influence mine. Maybe others are strong enough to avoid this, but I am not. Sooooo, I find myself changing direction, rethinking plots, questioning characters, It slows me down to the place where I have to question where this is going. Do I stop reading or stop writing?

Of course, we’re all influenced by the books we have read. From Agatha Christi and Raymond Chandler to Stephen King and Frank Herbert. And we will be influenced by the authors we read tomorrow whether it’s Melody Anne or Karin Slaughter or the collected works of William Shakespeare. But I just can’t read while I’m working on a book of my own!!

And this just made me think about the books my sister and I write. Are we going to influence someone? I don’t think we’re out there to influence anyone so much as take you on a mini vacation to a place we like with people we enjoy being with. I hope we do that and I hope you enjoy it.

I had said I was going to scrap five chapters in the book I was working on. Then I had Candi read the first chapter and it came back with errors highlighted in colors. (Yes, plural colors there.) In fact, it was mostly in color. I guess you could say there is nothing black and white about my writing. Bad jokes aside, I am going to scrap the entire thing. Not the premise or the characters, I can work with those. So before we start on our next Bittersweet Hollow mystery, I am going to work on my writing from a different perspective and try to stay away from being so colorful. It will save my sister a lot of work, and make her happy. And I should apologize to every English teacher I had ever had. It wasn’t you, it was me.

So for everyone out there who is not writing one go ahead and read a book. Of course, I hope it’s Final Sale and Down A Deadly River.

As  always, Annie

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