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Read a FB entry yesterday from another Cozy Catter who is setting her next book in the 1960s. She was doing research on the clothing and I rambled on about knee sox and hairspray, cutoff sweatshirts and pink lipstick. But it got me thinking about the “Good Old Days” of the 60’s. There was a lot going on when you stop to think about it. Kennedy’s trip to Dallas, the war in Vietnam, the pill, the peace movement, women starting to push themselves up to the male dominated table to demand an equal serving of wages and benefits. More killings and more social change. It wasn’t all short skirts and go-go boots.

Anyway, Sally got me thinking. Maybe because it was my generation I think it was so full of special things and world changing happenings. Maybe everyone thinks that about their own generation. Maybe they’re right.

Change of subject:
They say you should write about what you know. I’m thinking maybe I (we) should write about the 1960s. Which we know. But then we write about murder. Well, when you write about murder what can you say? I mean you don’t have to commit one to write about one. So, are THEY wrong?

Another change:
Just finished a book by one of my favorite authors, Karin Slaughters’, The Good Daughter, and I do not want her to have the first-hand experience about shotgun deaths and vicious rapes. She can be very explicit and gruesome. It must be a gift. Anyway, I absolutely love her books. One of the few authors I do not think I could ever write like. As in, I couldn’t copy her style at all. I wonder how she gets the amount of detail she achieves? I have to go back several times to fill in on my bare bones work, so does she have to go back or is it all there painstakingly at once.

Diana Gabaldon says she works on one paragraph until she is completely satisfied with it and then never goes back to it. Man, there would be days, weeks even that I would not be able to move past that one paragraph. Okay, let’s be honest. I never feel satisfied with my work. I have never reached perfection. So, I’m not gifted in my writing. I am gifted with my sister who is good at it so that still counts, right?

Now I must go. I’m going to ignore the vacuuming, the dusting, and the shopping until 12:30 when I am going to meet a friend for lunch and then after I eat I’ll go buy food for my family. Until then I am going to write! Nothing perfect, but still I’ll be writing. Later,

As always, Annie

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