Talk About Murder

What do sisters talk about on a rainy Saturday morning? I don’t know about others, but my sister and I really enjoy talking about murder. I mean we really enjoy it. We talk about other things, family and what’s happened during the week, but when we start on the subject of murder we become almost giddy.

For a while it seemed as if every entry on my Facebook was about someone’s recipe. They were even taking pictures of whichever dish they had made and posting it. I was almost ready to drop my Facebook account. If they were only talking about murder I could have participated. Who, why, where and how. Means, motive, and opportunity draw Rae and me in more than any other ingredients.

I don’t want other family members to become concerned, either about us or that stray gene floating around our DNA. You are all as normal as anyone with our bloodlines can be. Probably.

So I’ll get back to thinking about my favorite past time and let you all get on with your lives. And cooking is good, I don’t mean to say it isn’t. I just prefer my microwave and murder to anything else.

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