The Active Mind of a Writer

So everyone knows that in order to write one must have a good active imagination. I mean you have to be able to people a whole story with fictional characters. Characters born of your active mind. What people don’t know is our dirty little secret. (If I tell, you have to promise to never let another soul know I said anything.) Writers can find more ways to postpone actual writing than the Colonel has nuggets.

I know because I have used every one of them this past week: check a bank balance, surf for information you may need one day, do a load of laundry, clean the kitchen, fold the load of laundry and my favorite, take a nap.

Still, I have managed to get a lot of work done. Several thousand words actually. And Rae and I are making progress on getting through our second book edit. Still a lot of wasted hours doing little or nothing. I’m getting old enough I sure don’t need to waste any time at all.

So, I should either blog more or write more. Right now I want to get back to the world of make-believe.

Later Annie

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