A big fan of cozy mysteries since she first read the Nancy Drew Series and later every Agatha Christie book she could get her hands on, Rae Sanders collaborated with her sister, Annie Irvin, to write Final Sale, A Bittersweet Hollow Mystery. She loved every minute spent at the computer creating the characters who live in Bittersweet Hollow. As a young woman, Rae consulted an honest-to-goodness fortune teller who predicted she'd be married three times and wouldn't find true happiness until she lived next to the water. Not a swimmer, Rae scoffed at the idea. After saying a fond farewell to husbands one and two, however, she is now happily married to husband number three and lives in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. When she isn't writing, she's fishing for supper.

After attending college, Annie Irvin enjoyed a nomadic life. Inheriting her grandfather’s large collection of books along with his deep respect for the written word, she managed to always find room in the U-Haul for every last page even if it meant leaving behind the kitchen table. Annie finally ended where she began—a small town in Iowa where gossip is king and scandal has ruined more than one good woman, although no one has yet resorted to murder. A writer of poetry and crime fiction, she switched gears to write the cozy mystery, Final Sale, with her sister, Rae.